A buddy of mine - and early adopter of coding hotness - Kevin Griffin sent me an older slide deck from 2012 on Node.js and how fast it's being adopoted. One slide in particular, shown below, caught my attention.

That kind of job growth is amazing. But since the slide was dated I went to the source to find out if the trend has continued. Here's the updated slide, and clearly Node is dominating...

It's easy to look at a chart like this and come to a quick conclusion, but then I realized that the chart shows relative growth rates. When you look at the "absolute" version of the chart (which is the percentage of all Indeed jobs that include each term), you see a completely different picture. Node is not dominating - it hardly makes the chart at all. Surprisingly .NET is much higher in demand than any of the other technologies.

So what does that mean?

Node is hot, no doubt. And it's gaining momentum as demonstrated by the first two charts. But it clearly has not yet dominated the existing technologies that are well entrenched in businesses. I won't venture to presume why it hasn't captured more market share yet, but given that it's a very young platform I'm not surprised.

Bottom line:
If your concern is finding a tech job then your trusty existing technologies are continuing to serve you well.

Here's the source for the chart.