Tech Sessions

About once a month we broadcast on various technical topics. Why? Because individually we learn various things on client and side projects and we want to teach each other in the company what we've come across. While we're at it, we share with the software community at large by making our training sessions available anytime, for free.

Learning to Fly, Part 3

September 11, 2016 at 12pm EDT

In this three part series, Joe will show how he made the quadcopter fly, flip, and manuever using only voice commands. Technology involved: JavaScript, APIs, quadcopter, and Amazon Echo.

  • Part 1 - July 14th - Joe will show us how to control the quadcopter through JavaScript
  • Part 2 - August 11th - Joe will show us how to program against the Amazon Echo and Alexa
  • Part 3 - September 22nd - Bringing it all together to make the quadcopter obey your voice commands! We'll be using Node.js and the APIs to the quadcopter and Alexa.


Previous Tech Sessions

Learning to Fly, Part 2

Joe shows us how to control Amazon Echo Alexa API using JavaScript and Node.js.

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Learning to Fly, Part 1

Joe shows us how to control the quadcopter through JavaScript and Node.js.

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Intro To Dapper

In this session we will talk briefly about the concept of and motivation behind using MicroORMs before taking a look at what I feel is the best in class option. The session will include a quick design overview followed by some practical examples of the essentials.

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ES6: Changes and Overview

ES6 is the first significant update to the language (JavaScript) since ES5 was standardized in 2009. We will review the big changes, how they’ll affect you, and how to prepare for the upcoming changes.

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Milepost: Using GitHub Issues for Project Scheduling

We'll step you through an open-source pet project of Erik's named Milepost. The project uses the GitHub API, Node.js, and Jade to display GitHub Issues in a simple project schedule.

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Using WordPress as a Backend to your JavaScript Frontends

We'll discuss a simple setup of WordPress, how to customize the admin interface, create content, and pull that content into an AngularJs app using WP-API.

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SOLID Principles

A discussion of the SOLID principles - what they are, why they matter, and how to apply them.

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