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“Gatekeeper” is another way to say “integrator”, and as I have Annie Heel in Black size 8 also in 105566577585995 Raye 9 6 tnulTm2ZGi
, the key to the newspaper business model was controlling distribution and integrating editorial content and ads. In 2004, though, that integration was the verge of falling apart; the Internet meant advertisers would reach customers directly. It had already happened with Craigslist and classifieds, and first ad networks and then social networks would do the same to display ads, causing newspaper advertising revenue to plummet to levels not seen since the 1950s:

2004 came after that first Craigslist-inspired decline, and it’s all too easy to imagine Weinstein’s threats having their intended effect.

The ultimate credit for the New York Times story goes first and foremost to the women willing to go on the record, and then to Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, the reporters who investigated and wrote it. If Waxman’s allegations are true, though, then it’s worth pointing out that the New York Times is in a very different place than it was in 2004.

Last year the New York Times had $1.6 billion in revenue, a 53% decrease from 2004. Critically, though, the source of that revenue had flipped on its head: advertising accounted for only 37% of revenue, while circulation was 57%, up from 54% in 2015, and only 27% in 2004; by all account circulation is up significantly more in 2017.

That image is from the company’s 2020 strategy report , which declared that the editorial product should align with the company’s focus on subscriptions; Baquet Womens AC Viera Spikes Flat Leather amp; Mesh Sneakers Christian Louboutin PJR30K
that it was his job “to do as many ‘Amazons’ as possible”, referring to the paper’s Trista Ankle Bootie Kenneth Cole Reaction JxWG7V4NWz
. Certainly this Weinstein piece fits: whatever expenses the New York Times spent reporting this story will be more than made up in the burnishing of the company’s reputation for journalism that is worth paying for.

Admittedly, “Journalism worth paying for” doesn’t have the same ring as “All the News That’s Fit to Print”, but it is a far better descriptor of the New York Times’ new business model:

In a world where the default news source is the Facebook News Feed, the New York Times is breaking out of the inevitable modularization and commodification entailed in supplying the “news” to the feed. That, in turn, requires building a direct relationship with customers: they are the ones in charge, not the gatekeepers of old —even they must now go direct.

In the aftermath of the New York Times report (and another from Baseline Leather Sneakers In Navy Navy Fred Perry DV38DSmGl
), various stories have alluded to the fact that Weinstein has less power than he used to. I can’t say I know enough about the particulars of Hollywood to know whether that it true in a relative sense, but there’s no question movies are less important than ever before. Indeed, the industry looks a lot like newspapers in 2004; revenue is increasing due to higher prices, even as the number of movie-goers steadily declines (graph from The Numbers ):

We’re adding diversity to the face of leadership

RepresentEd prepares high-potential nontraditional students for leadership roles in the private and public sector through rigorous selection, training, mentorship and introduction to internship opportunities. Our students are chosen for their innate leadership qualities, and given the opportunity to develop them through our design thinking curriculum to become empathetic, impact-driven changemakers of the future.

Featured Event


RepresentEd Leadership hosted its first annual Leadership Symposium at the UC Berkeley Center for Latino Policy Research on Dec 7th, 2017. This provided an opportunity for the Fellows to showcase the impact they have achieved in their Community Program engagements and their process of learning. This semester the Fellows have participated in two engagements-one group was centered in Stiles Hall, where the Fellows constructed a toolkit teaching Experience Berkeley student coordinators skills in professionalism to prepare them for immediate success upon graduation. The other group led a consulting engagement with the Chicanx Latinx Alumni Association, in which they created documented research to help build their digital marketing strategy, which will be used in promotional information going forward.

Symposium Sponsors

Partner Spotlight

Three Queens Design, UX/UI, Program Design Consulting

3 Queens Design is an SF-based collective made up of women who believe in community impact through great user experience design. They work with entrepreneurs and small startups to identify and solve business challenges using Human-Centered Design thinking. The UX designers come from diverse backgrounds and have collectivity worked with 15 startups for user experience design and research.

“My experience as an intern at RepresentEd has been the foundation in coming to know what passions and hidden gifts I can develop and focus on. This led to me having much clarity about what kind of role I will take on upon graduation.”

J. Vasquez - RepresentEd Business Development Intern

Who We Serve

The lack of diversity amongst America’s key decision makers, and its pipeline of leadership talent is acute. RepresentEd is designed to level the playing field for marginalized students, helping them realize their leadership potential and increase representation amongst business and community decision-makers.

For Students

“It's a privilege to be part of the RepresentEd community at Cal. I walk away with gems of information every week and have a much better sense on how to prepare for a successful life after graduation.” -L. Matute, RepresentEd Fellow

RepresentEd provides nontraditional students with the necessary tools and support to launch them on a path to leadership

We focus on high potential students who are low income, first generation college, or system-impacted and have overcome barriers that made completing their education seem near impossible. Our Fellows are equipped with access to the hidden curriculum and resources that underserved students are often unaware of, thus given the opportunity to experience the upward mobility that higher education can provide.

RepresentEd Fellows are expected to contribute to the social and economic development of their own communities. This is done by helping to bridge the opportunity divide through use of the leadership skills and networks that they have gained.

For Employers

“We are incredibly fortunate to have a partner like RepresentEd and we look forward to building our relationship over time. We recruited a new team member, Siya, through RepresentEd and she has contributed immediately to our team, with passion, critical thinking, and a people-centered mindset.” -Graham Gardner, Civil Labs

We’re seeking organizations like yours that want to build a diverse pipeline of leadership

Today, employers face the challenge of finding graduates exposed to applied learning experiences that enable problem-solving and teamwork in order to be effective in the workplace.

Adding diversity compounds this challenge, but amplifies the benefit.. Studies prove that it increases creativity, innovation and problem solving, customer orientation and employee satisfaction, thus leading to an ongoing cycle of increasing returns (McKinsey Report, 2015).

Working with RepresentEd provides employers with diverse leadership talent by selecting, mentoring, and preparing underrepresented students for the professional world. This includes students that are transfers, re-entry, veterans and student parents, who offer a wealth of perspectives.

Our employee partners are helping us level the playing field for students, increasing pathways towards representation and upward mobility for all.

For Universities

“RepresentEd is a dynamic and successful model for providing underrepresented UC Berkeley students with a pathway to jobs matching their skills and leadership abilities. It is a critical key to ensuring that they experience a more level playing field.” -D. Stark, Executive Director-Stiles Hall

RepresentEd is seeking to improve the economic and social outcomes of higher education among students that come from underserved populations.

Low income student enrollment has dropped over the past 15 years because “elite” public universities are “not serving as many low-income students as they should” (Equality for Opportunity Project). In fact, the only UC to make the Upward Mobility Top 10 is University of California, Irvine. With State funding down 18% per student, it is increasingly important that these institutions embrace private sector initiatives that are bottom-up and represent the economic diversity of the communities that they reside in.

Through our Community Outreach Initiative, RepresentEd Fellows are trained to connect with students on community college and low-income high school campuses as ambassadors to existing programs. One example is Stiles Hall’s Experience Berkeley initiative, a non-profit organization that triples the admit rate of black, Latino and Native American community college students to UC Berkeley every year. The goal is to promote awareness through workshops and advising, leading to an increase in qualified underserved applicants and a strengthening of the relationship between the institutions, students and these organizations.

Press Releases

December 4, 2017

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