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Koro Five hi-top sneakers - White Philipp Plein 4dPNI1r
Koro Five hi-top sneakers - White Philipp Plein
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As was done in this LA Times’ embellished mules Black Dolce amp; Gabbana frAcuL06l
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it’s not just about moving the camera from one point to another in space—it’s also about changing the camera orientation between points to look in the rightdirection.

The box not only travels along the track, but it rotates along its route .

So I created an editor mode for myself to record the positions and orientations of a Black and Silver Susanna Boots Chlo�� bIoM4W
in order to set up my nine separate views of the nodosaur. I positioned my scene manually with the contrast sneakers Green N��21 Tvd3qVW
, while adjusting the field of view ( FOV ) and lighting with a dat.gui controller.

The project with editor modeactivated

The FOV is akin to changing focal length in a real camera, and it can cause distortion of a subject if not used carefully. I recorded each scene’s settings into a JSON file (and re-recorded with a ton of trial and error, on the order of 300 tries over the life of the project). It was straightforward to figure out my camera’s position in 3D space ( camera.position , camera.fov ) according to the three.js documentation , but it wasn’t clear how to record where the camera waslooking.

As with most things, after a bunch of searching, I learned that there’s a few roads to go down. This answer determines a look direction or “look vector” by inverting the camera’s natural inverted orientation to instead point at an imaginary object in space. This was a great answer, but I found it later. What I used in this project was inspired by Exotico mules Blue Bird Shoes N458es5M9g
(see other Womens EmbellishedHeel Metallic Leather Sandals Miu Miu xZRmLc8SE0
to better learn three.js and 3D graphics concepts). In this model, you add an object to the scene that stays in sync with the camera—that is, an object that never changes orientation relative to the camera. If I record this object’s position, then when I want to have the camera point at something in the future, I can plug that position into the camera’s camera.lookAt() function—looking at the right object sets the camera’s correctorientation.

Each of the scenes without animation between them. Adding animation serves to give the reader a sense of the spatial relationship between areas ofinterest.

With a record of camera positions and a proxy for orientation, I could then connect the dots withanimation.

From my points in space, the idea was to create paths that a camera travels across, to smoothly animate betweenscenes.

I don’t want to visibly connect the dots with paths as I fly by the dinosaur, but behind the scenes, I’m doing that, and hiding the lines. The LA Times’ Mars VR article was a great help here, as it takes a series of 3D positions and draws curves betweenthem.

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Positive minded, action-oriented, constant grower, budding entrepreneur. I used to say a lot, now I do a lot. Documenting my journey.

Courage for me is an interesting concept. When I think about courage, I immediately think about the heroes in films.

Or Courage, the Cowardly Dog.

But either way I am thinking of someone who, for lack of better words, is a total badass. However as I’ve learned and grew over the years, I’ve realized courage is a lot more than just facing your own fears.

It About Being Bold WithLife

To be courageous doesn’t mean you have to be in a war or fight people. Of course, those are seen as brave things to do. However every day people can be brave in their own sense.

What I’m getting at is I believe courage can be born from two ways. There is the physical side, and there is the mental side. I believe a lot of people can be courageous thanks to this mental side. Those are the fears that we can’t physically see. Not to mention they are often overlooked.

We’re accustomed to seeing acts of bravery as fighting against super villains, tyrants, bullies, or fighting in epic battles to the death.

And I don’t blame you. Those take a lot of courage to be involved in.

The Mental Side OfCourage

But this mental side, or our mental fears, are legit problems and they can take courage to face. So many of us struggle to deal with it due to a variety of reasons. It’s why, I believe, people get anxious or experience doubt, or can’t come to face with failure or the potential of risk.

What I’m getting at is that what goes on our head can make us courageous when we have the right tools, the proper way of thinking and the confidence to move forward with it.

Mental Fear

In the end, our mental fear isn’t something we can’t physically see. It’s not spiders, or dogs, snakes, tigers, lions, or bears (oh my!). It’s the stuff that goes on inside of our head.

Perhaps our past made us think it’s foolish to start a business. We’re reluctant ourselves because we’ve seen others try and fail and we don’t want that to happen to us.

In the end, this mental fear is a way to preserve us. To keep us comfortable as opposed to courageous. By all means there is nothing wrong with being comfortable, but I believe in order for us to grow and become better, we need to be courageous. To step out of our own comfort zones.

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